Luxury Travel Apps


We, at Platinum Services Limited, remember the time when booking a holiday meant browsing through a stack of brochures, a lengthy visit to the travel agent or booking a holiday over the phone on the recommendation of a friend. Today, thanks to the advances in modern technology, booking a holiday has never been easier. If you’re into your smartphone, you’ll know there is an app for almost anything. Here’s a list of the cream of the crop:-

PrivateFly – PrivateFly is a great app if you want to book a private jet. It gives you access to over 8000 accredited jet charters around the world and allows you to read descriptions, view photos and get the contact details you need when time is of the essence.

Amble – Developed on behalf of Louis Vuitton, Amble provides users with a unique way of capturing and sharing their travel experiences. The GPS-powered Around Me function helps users to discover new locations close to them. Once you have found a wonderful place, you can take photos, record audio snippets and create some fantastic memories of your trip.

Jetsetter – If you want 60 per cent off bookings for five-star hotels, ski resorts and spas, Jetsetter can put you in touch with the latest deals. You’ll find luxury safaris, cruises and adventure holidays on offer.

Luxe City Guides – The great thing about this app is the reviews are written and researched by Luxe’s very own team. This is a great app to have on hand if you love to explore the world’s major cities.

Goop City Guides – Devised by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop City Guides offer a personal glimpse into some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, London and New York. There’s a dedicated tab that will help you track down the most rustic or traditional places to hang out.

Tripit – This clever smartphone app gives you access to a virtual travel PA in your pocket. Simply send Tripit your hotel, flight and car hire details and it will create a mini itinerary to keep on your phone. This is a great app for business and leisure travellers alike.


The British Affair


Will you be in great company this weekend and wish to explore new cocktail options? We, at Platinum Services Limited, know this could be challenging especially after a lengthy week but we wish to introduce you to a friend… Meet the British Affair! Created by Giovanni Cassino – Bar Manager at The Donovan Bar, Brown’s Hotel – The British Affair is a refreshing and elegant cocktail which is easy to make at home and perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Sounds exciting? Here are the ingredients and method compliments the Quinessentially Insider team.

The British Affair’s Ingredients:

40 ml Quintessentially Vodka, 10 ml fresh lime juice, 20 ml passion fruit juice, 2 fresh strawberries, 1 tea spoon rose syrup Topped up with Ruinart Brut Champagne


1) Muddle ingredients, then shake together in a cocktail shake, 2) Top up with Champagne, 3) Garnish with half a passion fruit and two halves of a strawberry.

Quintessentially Vodka redefines luxury spirits with sleek design and a liquid of such discerning quality that is quite simply perfection on ice.