Louis Vuitton: Carbon-fiber Luggage for the BMWi8


Frequent business travelers often encounter slinky shapes and innovative mechanical configurations of exotic cars that often end up leaving odd pockets for luggage. But with the introduction of the new BMW i8, the German marque collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a collection of four pieces of carbon-fiber luggage specifically designed for the i8 that are decorated with the fashion house’s famed Damier pattern. Designed to make your travel experience easier, they are exceptionally light and the carbon-fiber textile used in the construction of the bags is also extremely durable. A padlock engraved with “LV” keeps the bags’ contents safe and secure, while leather name tags should help to avoid confusion in the unlikely event that an identical set is already on the conveyor belt or the bellhop’s trolley. 


Each of the four bags is equipped with dyed natural-leather handles, and the large Weekender GM i8 also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying once it is removed from the forward trunk of the two-plus-two sports coupe. (The mid-mounted power train takes up the space behind the cabin.) The Garment Bag i8 lies on the package shelf, while the smaller Weekender PM i8 rests atop the Business Case i8, which conforms to the contour of either rear seat. Inside each bag, a microfiber lining in charcoal gray and electric blue echoes the color scheme of the car. The i8 luggage series is available upon request at Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide.

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