Shangri-La Paris

SLPR-Heroshot-02It has been said that if Napoleon and Confucius had a love child; it would a beautiful baby in the form of the five-star hotel, Shangri-La Paris. Situated in the elegant 16th arrondissement of Paris, its elegant façade brings to mind its legacy as the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte – Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew. And given its name, Little Versaille, it’s easy to see the reason behind such a selection. The grand staircase sweeps up to an affluent grand salon decorated with an almost obscene amount of gold leaf and marble, as well as an abundance of Napoleonic bees.

shangri-la-paris Premier-Room

This object continues to the hotel’s haute-cuisine restaurant, L’Abeille, which serves up sumptuous French fare. Amongst all of this French grandeur is a sense of eastern exoticism, with oriental vases and décor permeating the premises and the Shang Palace restaurant serving up Chinese delicacies. The hybridism of the hotel is seductive, like an Asian courtesan transported to the Valois court.


However, the most enticing part of all is the view. Set on the slope of Seine, opposite the Eiffel Tower, the view from the suites extends all the way down the river. Stand on the balcony and spot the Sacré Coeur, the Grand Palais and Notre Dame. Sight-seeing without even leaving your suite. So now that we have your hunger sated and your spirit invigorated, it’s time to immerse yourself in the City of Lights and enjoy an extraordinary experience.


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