Debrett’s & Jodie Kidd’s Travel Wallet Collection


Luxury lifestyle and etiquette experts Debrett’s and Jodie Kidd, one of Britain’s most cherished models and socialites, recently fused their love and experience for travel and high fashion to launch their Chic New Travel Wallet Collection.

BnDDN28CYAAlS3k.jpg large

Described as stylish, sophisticated and immensely practical, the travel wallet is cleverly designed to allow quick and easy access to travel documents. Inspired by Jodie’s love for the Caribbean, namely Barbados, the trendy and stunning colours range from “Plantation Pink” and “Hibiscus Orange” to ‘Lotus Blue”.


 Made from the finest Italian leather, the inside has specific compartments for two mobile phones, an iPad or Kindle and even has room for a MacBook Air and charger. Designed for the serious traveler, the spacious clutch can be used as a bag or a working portfolio.


 The large wallet has the added feature of a back strap to slip neatly over a wheeled suitcase handle, ensuring ease of access and visibility when security is important but hands are full and distractions are abound.


Commenting on the launch of the collection, our Platinum star, Jodie, said: “The whole creative process has been a lot of fun. Debrett’s brought bonafide British style and exemplary design credentials to the table, and I came with plenty of fashion and travel experience, and lots of ideas. Together we’ve created a range of stylish accessories that are both beautiful and practical.”


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