Mallalieu Motor Collection


THE RED BRICK COMPLEX located in the historical site of the Pavilion court, Hastings, Christ Church, is home to Bill Mallalieu’s Motor Collection. Commonly referred to as Mr. Mallalieu’s “garage”, the beautiful antique cars illustrate his passion for automobiles and the exciting times of his motor sport journey, with many of his records from 50 years ago remaining unbroken. In fact, Mr. Mallalieu’s passion was so intense that he postponed his wedding by two weeks in order to organize a motor rally in 1959. The founder member of the Barbados Rally Club, was nothing short of a fierce competitor and often guaranteed rally patrons an entertaining package given his choice of car.


For most locals, the collection is a “well-kept secret” unless they are real car and motor enthusiasts. However, the private collection of exotic vintage cars solely owned by Mr. Mallalieu, tells interesting stories of motoring life yesteryear. According to him, the best way to enjoy anything is to share it and this is supported by the numerous photos displayed on the walls of the garage comprising the island’s first bus, police car, taxi and car with interesting pieces of information attributed to each photo. As for the collection, chief among the list are a Humber, Triumph, Bentley and Daimler to name a few, which are all kept in pristine condition.


However, the Bentley made for Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands in 1947 and raced in the ’49 Monte Carlo Rally is number one in his line-up. Number two is also a Bentley called ‘A Mallalieu’ – hand-built by Durham “Derry” Mallalieu – using a MK6 Bentley. It was reported that Derry hand-built a total of 34 of these sports cars to order – this one being number 29 – because the original Bentley bodies rusted too quickly. His number three is a 1953 Daimler Roadster. Of all the impressive and fascinating vehicles that Mr. Mallalieu owns, he’d choose his Volvo 1225, 1963 model in a heartbeat since it was his record-breaking rally car.


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