The Foursquare Rum Factory & Heritage Park


This week’s blog post takes you to the south eastern parish of St. Philip where the Foursquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park is located close to Six Roads, occupying the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to the 1636. Seated on eight acres of plantation yard, the property has been skillfully landscaped to establish a park and entertainment venue.  Additionally, the factory and plantation outbuildings have been restored to pristine condition, combining the historic structure with modern technology, making it one of the most modern in the world.

Owned and operated by R. L. Seale & Co. Limited, the property also houses several other attractions including a sugar machinery museum, folk museum, bottling plants, and a glass fusing studio. The first captivating piece that you will encounter is the extraordinary Cooling Tower to the right of the entrance. This spectacle is about one hundred years old and was used by the sugar factory to cool the water that circulated through the condensers of the vacuum pans. Today, it is used to aerate the condensed steam produced by the concentration plant located just adjacent; this process is used to reduce the pollutants that are present in the condensed steam. This is just one of the green practices utilized by this environmentally conscious Barbadian company.


Constructed in 1737 using slave labour and made entirely of oral stone, an exquisite example of Barbadian architecture and masonry in the form of a Distill House can also be found. The interior, which is emphasized more by the beautiful exposed wooden beams that make up the ceiling of the building, makes it particularly impressive. On the lawn, metal sculptures crafted to perfection using old gears and machine parts from the sugar factory are on display for an admiring audience.  A play area for children, where even the playground equipment has been constructed from quite a few recycled parts from the old sugar factory, also shares the lawn. The small Ferris wheel is a prime example of this ingenuity; it was built by Dr. Lawrence Bannister M.D.

In terms of the renowned rums produced, there are E.S.A Field, Doorlys, Old Brigand, Foursquare Spiced Rum and Tommy Bahama. With such refined spirits, the RUM SIXTY SIX family reserve was awarded best in class in 2010 having entered the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition.

So whether your adventurous nature seeks to find the historic significance of the factory or your desire is to sample the ‘spirits’ of Barbados, this is the ultimate place for you.




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