The Flower Forest

schomburgkia-with-a-flower-forest-back-drop  A KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOUR welcomes you to a natural wooded area located in Richmond, St. Joseph, Barbados called the Flower Forest. Nestled on seven acres of greenery, the wild gardens were dexterously landscaped to highlight the superb beauty of the countless tropical blooms and lush flora. Formerly a sugar plantation, it has retained its boiling house and a few vestiges but its transformation to a rainforest and botanical gardens has been described as “mature and stunning”. zsgs2 Bright vibrant reds and oranges of the heliconias, known as the ‘bird of paradise’, and high begonias are amongst the abundance. The topography of the area features gentle hills offering amazing vistas of the lush countryside and eastern coastline as strategically placed benches also allow for rest along the trail. Sporadically, the indigenous green monkey can make themselves known during your visit but because of their familiarity with humans, they are harmless and will just sit and observe. If you are lucky, they might even entertain you with some of their mischievous antics. The melodious chirping from the diverse species of birds will add to the nature trail as their homes are in the surrounding trees. costus-pineapple-ginger-1 Along the trail, the paths are amusingly named thus becoming lost is reduced to a minimum. Tours through these botanical gardens are self guided however; officials can provide guided tours by reservation and they last about forty-five minutes. The Flower Forest is also wheelchair accessible but the forest paths can be uneven and slow going along is advised.


Photos compliments The Flower Forest Team


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