38 Years of Celebrations: The Holetown Festival

Holetown_Fest031-450x350  With the Holetown Festival commencing on February 9, 2014, it is only fitting that Platinum gives you an insight to this all-inclusive historical Festival. Now in its 38th year of celebrations, the Holetown Festival in Barbados continues to be a week-long compact entertainment package for locals and visitors alike. Held in mid-February, the festival celebrates the first settlement of Barbados in 1627 and comprise a lively street fair, history lectures, a parade, concerts and special sporting events.

So how was the festival created?

According to the Holetown Festival’s official website, in between February 17th and 20th, 1627, eighty (80) English Settlers landed at what is known as Holetown aboard a ship called the William and John. With them were ten (10) African Slaves, who had been captured on the voyage. The website further states that from this day that Barbados became a British Colony.

Thus, the late Alfred Pragnell, who was a multi-talented Barbadian and the brain child of the festival, along with Keith Simmons and the members of Trents Northern Youth Group made up the committee that planned the first festival in 1977. Originally, the event took place on the weekend nearest to the dates of the settlers landing. Today, the festival has become so popular that it now takes place over an eight day period, running from Sunday to Sunday.

What can locals and visitors expect?

As the streets of Holetown are brought alive with a kaleidoscope of colour and infectious sounds, locals and visitors are treated to a variety of music, such as Gospel, Classical, Tuk Band and Calypso, as well as Folk Dancing, presented in free open-air concerts. There is also an Arts and Craft Exhibition, a display called “Beating the Retreat”, by the Barbados Defence Force and a Flood Lit Tattoo which is put on by the Police and a parade of Vintage Motor Vehicles. On the Saturday, there is a Street Fair, where Vendors & lsquo Stalls offer a wide cross section of Barbadian Arts and Crafts, as well as local foods and beverages.

So what are you waiting for? Join our locals and visitors as they participate in this spectacle!


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